Akashi-city Suffered by the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

Photos taken by some staffs of Kansai Advanced Research Center(KARC)

Japanese version is here.

JSTM(Japan Standard Time Median) clock tower suffered by the earthquake. The clock points "5:46" -- At this time we are attacked by the earthquake.

Hanshin-Awaji area was attacked by a disastrous earthquake on Jan.17, 1995. Akashi-city, only 8km away from the seismic center, is next city of Kobe. Several staffs of KARC, which is located on the border of Kobe-city and Akashi-city, have voluntarily investigated the damages and the restoration processes in several area of Akashi-city.

by Osamu Takizawa (taki@crl.go.jp) at KARC, CRL, MPT.

English version is served on Aug.23,1995.

The dawn of Akashi (taken on the day after the earthquake).
--toward the Akashi-Awaji Channel Bridge, the world's longest suspension bridge(under construction).